RotoFlexopress S.A.L. does much more than manufacturing Flexible Packaging Converters for an array of leading food and consumer product companies worldwide. The firm works in collaboration with dynamic companies to find better ways to succeed. With its 2 facilities in Lebanon, its operation stretches among Lebanon, GCC countries and Europe, providing solutions to several industries like agriculturers, food producers, publishers, whole packagers, cloth industrials and more.

RotoFlexopress S.A.L. offer unequalled bags, pouches, sleeves and roll stock with such features as re-sealable zippers, tape closures, gussets, handles, wickets and reinforced headers.

RotoFlexopress S.A.L. provides you with Rolls for automatic packaging (FFS), Bags (pouches) for semi automatic and manual packing. Material in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex layers made out of: Polyester, Alufoil, Polyamide, Polypropylene (Metalized, Pearlized & Transparent) cast Polypropylene, PVC, Paper & polyethylene.


Established in 1970 in Lebanon by Mr. Youssef Habib, Flexopress has maintained ever since its position as a leader in the Lebanese market by providing its customers with innovative solutions in soft flexible packaging.

In 1998, with perseverance and professionalism, Flexopress evolved to meet the growing needs of the market by introducing its sister company "Rotoflex". Together, they offered their customers exceptional packaging solutions like Vacuum, Polyethylene and standards.

In 2002 the two-sister-companies were merged together under the name of RotoFlexopress S.A.L. offering their customers in Lebanon, Europe and GCC all kinds of soft flexible packaging ranging from packs, wrapping rolls, bags, pouches, shoppers and more.


RotoFlexopress S.A.L. goal is to surpass its customers' expectations by committing itself to quality, innovation and expertise in soft flexible packaging. By creating a clean and healthy environment with sustainable solutions safeguarding your business against waste and loss, RotoFlexopress S.A.L. place safety and trust above all.